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Artful Inkling. Creative outlet of freelance graphic designer Liz Neale (Stannard). Experienced packaging and branding specialist and creative thinker. 

Curzon & Artful Inkling

Another great relationship with a local entrepreneur. A really fab result, Curzon the brand reflects the simplicity and raw goodness of the product. Typography was key to creating a lifestyle brand that focuses on simple health benefits and brings you ingenious unusual raw ingredients.  

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I was briefed this year to create a wonderful Christmas card worthy of a mantle piece for a new client of Artful Inkling. I had to creative freedom to use any materials I liked. This was not the winning concept however definitely 'One that got away'

Wishing all my clients a busy run up to Christmas 

Acrylics on canvas, Copyright Artful Inkling.

Acrylics on canvas, Copyright Artful Inkling.

Artful Inkling & Ahmad Tea

Artful Inkling has a long standing creative relationship with Ahmad Tea. Here's a lovely project co-developed with the in-house team.

The brief was to create something gift-worthy that people might take to a dinner party. After a fantastic round of concept generation Marta Spendowska (illustrator) was commissioned to produce the scene within the teapot.  

What a great Christmas present! Available now: click here to shop!


New Identity project for Busy Beth

Creation of a new identity for a small start up specialist care service company.
Busy Beth supports families' elderly loved ones living in the community. Helping with the day-to-day household tasks and outings as well as offering emergency call outs to care for much loved pets when their owners have been taken into hospital.

What a lovely project, working with a fab client. Good Luck!

Interior Project - Nursery before and after

Creativity is my passion and I've been lucky enough to make it my career. Over the past two years I have been working on a property redevelopment and pushing my designer eye into interior, furniture, art, textiles and garden design. I've approached the projects in the same way I would with packaging and brand design work. I'm going to share a behind the scenes look at my ongoing house renovation, interior design challenges and projects. 

Artful Inkling interiors_Nursery

The brief was to create a Scandinavian woodland for a small nursery room. A tricky space to design within dual aspect windows, fireplace taking up wall space and narrow entrance. First steps were to completely strip down walls and floors restoring the old pine floor, putting up lining paper and cornice. The colour pallet - a light tranquil grey accented with fox red, moss green and sunshine yellow. The wall mural, a stylised fox appears from woodland trees which have been created in a stamp style with texture. A changing station was also created with a painted chest of draws, pigeon hole storage and shaker peg rail for outfits all within easy reach. 

1.Woodland shade(Home sense) 2.Grey chevron changing matt(M&S) 3.Old wine storage boxes(car boot sale) 4.Wood baby gym(ikea) 5.Grey paint(Mylands Elgin)
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